Use Case 4: Validations and Comparisons between First draw and Second draw Loan submission

**Key differences documented **

Flow Diagram

Use Case 4

Draw 1 Vs Draw 2 Loan - API - Key Differences

Draw 1 Draw 2
Set second_draw_ppp_loan as False Need to provide ppp_first_draw_sba_loan_number, ppp_first_draw_loan_amount and set second_draw_ppp_loan as True
In case Borrower TIN and TIN type (EIN/SSN) had PPP application in First draw, API client will get error message Lenders may use end point GET /api/etran_ppp_validation to validate First draw Loan information
EIDL Loan fields are only applicable for First Draw PPP Loans (received_eidl, refinance_of_eidl_amount, refinance_of_eidl_loan_number) EIDL Loan information is not applicable for second draw
Revenue comparison is Not applicable for First draw loans Revenue comparison is applicable for second draw loans (period_1_quarter, period_1_revenue, period_2_quarter, period_2_revenue, applicant_has_reduction_in_gross_receipts)
applicant_meets_revenue_test_and_size_standard, applicant_meets_size_standard required for First draw applications applicant_meets_revenue_test_and_size_standard required for second draw
N/A applicant_wont_receive_another_second_draw applicable for second draw